If your Follett 3800 scanner does not work here are a couple of tips.
  1. Check the cord from the scanner. If it is a new scanner with a USB cable, these instructions won't help you! If it is an older scanner with a Y cable there MUST be a keyboard plugged in to one part of the Y. (I had a USB keyboard and that won't work with the older scanner.)
  2. Scrounge an old keyboard if you need to.
  3. My scanner still didn't work correctly so:
    1. Open up Destiny
    2. Click on Help
    3. Type 3800 in the search box
    4. Choose choice 1
    5. Look down the right hand side. Click on Configuring the ImageTEam 3800 for Destiny.
    6. Print this sheet
    7. Minimize Destiny.
    8. Open up Notepad (Start => Programs => Accessories => Notepad)
    9. Use the scanner to scan the barcode that says Factory Default Settings (It's on the sheet you just printed out.)
    10. Go back to Destiny - and see if the scanner works.

If it doesn't - call Follett - Destiny help line!!!! 800.722.7424 Have your Follett number available.